Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I was going to update yesterday but decided to wait untill today and make a bigger post.

Well as you might know it's Halloween as I type this us, and I want to know about your plans for the day / night.

I personally plan to play some new video games I got the other day.

The new games I got are, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and 60 Days WoW time.

I've also been playing my shaman and leveling a bit, Ding 20 :D

I've been playing a lot of Fallout3 the past few days, just finished the Tenpenny Tower quests, letting the Ghouls in via stealing the key, enjoying this game very much so. There is just so much to do right now. Leveling up a sneak / lockpick master right now for kicks.

I have been leveling my shaman a bit, resto spec as you can see from the image, doing dungeons and grinding out loot is her specialty.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No posts for a while, Biggish update.

Sooo, I haven't had time to make any new blog posts in the last week or so, so here I am updating you all...

I'm on MEA break which is just a few days off of school so that the teachers can update grades and all that good stuff. I've been just chilling around getting a lot of work done on the computer.
I've also picked up WoW again before cataclysm, leveling a shaman which is currently level 7, I plan to hit level 80 around the release of Cata.

I'll try to update this more often but I've been quite busy with work and Wow that I couldn't find time to update.


Edit, you can't read the other color.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, tomorrow is Monday...

What does this mean you may ask?

It means many things to me.

Malady Monday. (League of Legends)

Minecraftan Monday (Minecraft)

Mondayitus (Waking up at 6 am)

Test day at school.

Slow news days.

Long nap day.

And that's how I plan to spend tomorrow.

Friday, October 8, 2010

FBI not so secretive or, not secretive enough?

I don't want to copy all the text from that but, I will leave it there for you to click on and enjoy.

New gadget

I've decided that my plain blog needed a little something, so I searched through the gadgets and saw, Fish, and Puppies...

The choice was obvious!

Puppies it was and it should be right over there ----->

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I do not have a fascinating story for you all today but, I will tell you about my day.
I woke up extra early to shower and to shave and all that good stuff.
During the day I hung out with friends and was being as productive as can be, ( you know how that goes with friends around)
got home about ~3pm and just chilled.
Played some Minecraft, League of legends, checked my email, the usual.

Best laid back day this month.

Feel free to share your day in the comments below, I read each one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Death

Ensconced in the snow, his white camouflage suit rendering him invisible to the invading Soviet soldiers he stalked, Simo Häyhä steadied himself to fire. During the 1939–1940 Winter War, in temperatures as low as –40 °C, the Finnish sniper undertook a killing spree that saw him single-handedly take the lives of at least 700 men in less than 100 days. Over 500 of these he shot using a standard, bolt-action rifle with non-telescopic sights. Is it any wonder he earned the nickname The White Death among his enemies? Meet the man who would take Rambo to the cleaners.
The sharpshooter who would later be credited with the highest number of confirmed kills in any war in history came from humble rural beginnings. Born near the present day Finnish-Russian border, Häyhä was a farmer and hunter before entering combat, though it’s no shock to learn he already had his share of marksman’s trophies. His skills sharpened by the sort of training only life can offer, this tough little outdoorsman was always going to be a handful, and when the Red Army invaded Finland three months after the outbreak of WWII, Häyhä heard the call of duty.
Little was the operative word. Häyhä stood just 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m) tall, which was one basis for his choice of weapon, an M/28 or M28/30 Soviet Mosin-Nagant rifle that suited his small frame. He also rejected a scoped rifle in favour of basic iron sights for other reasons: it meant he presented less of target as he could keep his head lower; it negated the risk of his position being exposed by sun glare in a telescopic lens; and lastly open sights were not prone to fogging up or breaking which was a concern in the snow and ice of the Winter War. Häyhä was a professional.
Of course an iron-sighted rifle also made aiming more difficult, but with 505 confirmed kills as a sniper – the other 200 he shot using a sub-machine gun – Häyhä clearly had a keen eye. Another tactic this greatest of gunmen used to conceal his own position from the enemy was to compact the snow before him so that his shot would not disturb the snow, and in true commando fashion he also kept his mouth was full of snow so that his breath did not give him away.
Despite such measures, Häyhä’s fearful reputation preceded him, and the advancing Soviets tried several strategies specifically designed to dispose of this deadly lone menace. Teams of counter-snipers and artillery units were deployed with the sole purpose of eliminating The White Death, but the snow-covered forests of Finland were his hunting grounds, not theirs.
Eventually, however, the Finnish sharpshooter’s exploits caught up with him. On March 6 1940, he was shot in the face while on the frontline by a Russian soldier. The exploding bullet went through his jaw and blew off his left cheek, with the soldiers who picked him up and brought him back to base reporting that "half his head was missing". Yet Häyhä – said to be a quiet, affable man – was still able to survive, awakening from his coma on March 13, the day peace was declared.
The heroic stand taken by Simo Häyhä and his fellow Fins against Soviet forces that outnumbered them by as much as 100:1 is often referred to as The Miracle of Kollaa. When the war had ended, Häyhä was promoted straight from corporal to second lieutenant. He went on to become a successful moose hunter and lived to the age of 96. When he was asked about his service, he stated, "I only did what was ordered, and did it as well as I could." Asked what the key to his success was, his short answer was, “Practice... and clear days.”

This man is one of the only people that I can say is a total Mofo who will wreck whatever he is told to wreck.